MONTAG ISSUE 1: Together Tomorrow


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MONTAG Issue 1 is called "Together Tomorrow." With brilliant illustrations by Edo Amoruso, chin-scratching fiction and world-tilting features, Issue 1 examines the future of our simplest technology of all: how society connects to itself and how we connect to each other.
How will we communicate when technology allows us to be physically apart but experientially closer than ever before? What do we really unlock when we're handed the keys to our perfect life experience? How will technology help us to help the people who need it the most?

ISSUE 1 contents include:
• Memento Mori: would you keep a dead relative as a VR pet?: How will we deal with death in the future - when we can recreate dead people in VR?
• MONTAG FICTION #001: I was there: What will it feel like to experience life through your children's eyes?
• Dinner for one: You can survive solely on Soylent, the meal replacement wonder-powder that has taken Silicon Valley by storm. But what would it say about you if you did?
• The Internet of Friends: The closer we get to our devices, the more human we’ll make them. So what happens when our devices, tailored just the way we want, become our friends?
• VR: the Victorian Revolution: how new is our newest technology? If you showed a VR headset to someone from the 1800s, they might not be as freaked out as you think...
• SexTech and futuresex: could you resist your perfect fantasy?: If you could fulfil any sexual fantasy, would you really stick to the "one-on-one-with-humans" script?
...and many more.
(24 pages, full colour, matt paper)