MONTAG ISSUE 2: Better Bodies


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MONTAG Issue 2 is called “Better Bodies," and deals with a future where we're increasingly intertwined with our machines - and we all become cyborgs. It's packed with more astonishing original art by Edo Amoruso, compelling stories, and eyebrow-raising fiction. And after all, we're already close to a world where machines are essentially parts of our bodies: if you wear your smartwatch or fitness tracker day and night, then it's just a matter of making that clasp permanent.
With that small leap in mind, the features and short fiction in this issue look into technology that is both comfortably close and more than a little unnerving.

If you could take drugs to make you smarter, would you? What if your brain-implant got hacked? Would you grow new body parts that are better than the ones you have now? At what point do we stop being "human"?

Issue 2 Contents include:
• Consume young blood, live longer: It's time to embrace your inner vampire - in the search for youthfulness, researchers may have found a magic potion: young people's blood...
• MONTAG FICTION #009: Lovely Weather We're Having - The year is 2200. You check your phone before getting out of bed to prepare yourself for the day. Choose your own adventure.
• You Can't Take It With You: Future Funereal Practices Our traditional "burn or bury" options seem a little dated when you could be freeze dried and turned into plant food, compressed into a diamond, or shot into space
...and many more.
(32 pages, full colour, matt paper)