MONTAG ISSUE 3: Coding Creativity


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This issue delves into a future where creativity is no longer a uniquely human act. And so, as this might be our last human hurrah in the design department, we *really* pushed the boat out creatively in this issue - and we've packed it full of truly gorgeous artwork, all begging to be pinned on your wall or left pointedly on your coffee table :)

Creativity and the ability to enjoy or critique it is one of the fundamental traits that make us human. Every artistic leap is triggered by new technology: the camera obscura revolutionised painting, the printing press reinvented storytelling, and the sampler allowed hip-hop to flourish.

So if creativity is the act of taking the ephemeral - philosophy, stories, and concepts - and making them tangible, what does it mean when tomorrow’s technology amalgamates movies and reality? Or individualises a novel for the reader? Or when AI creates music without human intervention?

Welcome to a time when creativity itself becomes altogether different...

Issue 3's contents include:
• Twitterature - how Twitter has changed the art of literature, from the Bard to baby shoes.
• Imitate talent, steal geniuses: when technology copies art - what happens when art influences the technology, and not the other way around?
• It's all about meme: will the “poor artist” become a thing of the past? - Blockchain technology could ensure artists are credited – and paid – for their work.
• Video games and art, entwined - browser-based indie games have more in common with art and literature than games in the mainstream.
(32 pages, full colour, matt paper)